Welcome to our Home

Another Home is a textile and home décor company.


Our main goal is to bring you home décor products to help you create comfortable and warm spaces with a fresh look where you can feel in peace and harmony. 


Give life to Mediterranean and simple spaces with our extensive categories of textile products.

Besides cushion covers in infinity colors, textures, fabrics and measures you will find a prime selection of rugs, poufs, curtains, towels, bedspreads, headboards, tablecloths, and accessories.

All of them designed in Barcelona and carefully produced in India by taking care of each detail to give a unique touch. 

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We carefully curate and select special home décor from many international suppliers and artisans such as handmade ceramics, complements and objects designed and handcrafted in natural materials. 

Another Home is well-being, style, and inspiration

By changing little details, you can make different home spaces every time you wish for. We seek to give you infinity of décor possibilities to create your very special home.